Yun Mi + James Engagement Portraits July 2011 (281 of 628)I’m a Boston transplant originally from Atlanta.

I’m a print reporter turned PR account executive turned business development director turned public radio person.

I love hearing and sharing stories, and I believe everyone has a unique one to tell, so I’m exploring various avenues for story telling through my writing, photography and videography. I’m also in the beginning stages of producing a women’s health documentary, and this blog is a way for me to keep myself accountable on my progress and to share whatever other shenanigans I can manage to get myself into. <– That project is on hold until I receive greater vision from the Lord.

My husband and I married in 2011 and he is truly my better half, so you’ll probably hear me talk about him quite a bit here. His name is James (pictured with me on the right), my dad’s name is James, my brother in law’s name is James, and my nephew’s name is James. We from the south, y’all!I have a fur child whose name is Sasha … Sasha Fierce, and my husband and I adopted her from The Atlanta Humane Society just a wee month after we were married. I love Jesus and His great story, food, being outdoors, and my current obsession is black raspberry ice cream.