apple picking

The fall season in New England screams apple picking, apple cider donuts, and anything and everything else that has to do with apples. Grocery stores are stocked with local picks from local orchards. I have found that it is the one activity that everyone MUST do to break in the new season. So a few friends and I made our way to Bolton to walk up and down the orchards to pick out some fine apples at Neshoba Valley Winery.

2 thoughts on “apple picking

  1. it’s so pretty. i must do this! 🙂 i’m not a huge fan of apples.. i usually prefer citrus or tropical fruits.. but lately i’ve been feeling like i should get some apples for my health. were there a lot of bugs? 🙂 i’m deathly afraid of bugs..

    1. no bugs!! and I’m not a huge fan of apples either, but freshly picked apples are amazing! these apples tasted like apples I had never tasted before. it’s a must do!!

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