DIY polaroid frame

My stack of polaroids were growing with each outing here and there, so I wanted a fun and creative way to display them, so I decided to make a chicken wire frame.

A frame (I purchased mine already assembled at Michael’s)
Chicken wire (available in the garden section at most home improvement stores)
Rub ‘n buff in gold leaf (also purchased at Michael’s)
Mini clips (purchased mine in white online)
Staple gun
Needle nose pliers and wire clippers

I started with rolling out the chicken wire and stapling it securely to the backside of the frame. I cut the wire as I stapled it (be careful here of the wire ends) and used my pliers to curl the wire to prevent it from poking out. Then I hammered the staples and curled wire ends down against the frame. In this instance, I didn’t want to keep my frame white, so that’s why I painted it over with the rub ‘n buff, but if you find a frame you like then that’s one less step to make. By the way, I used an old eyeshadow brush to paint on the rub ‘n buff, and it was perfect in creating that vintage look. Then I arranged my polaroids with the mini clips and voila! Hung and looking pretty above our desk (don’t mind the messy desk – I blame that on the man). The pictures look pretty uniform and neat in the frame, but I only did that to see how many pictures I could squeeze in at one time. As I switch pictures in and out, I’m sure it will begin to look a bit more random.


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