succulent love to slow things down

Work, church, gatherings, doggy duties, ministry growth, beach days, yoga, buying and keeping succulents alive – these are just a few things that have kept me busy, oh, the last three months. I hate that I don’t update my blog more often, but at the same time, I acknowledge this is a very busy season for both me and James. It is what it is.

A few weeks back, we attended a friend’s graduation party at her family’s farm, Canaan Farm. Her grandmother bought and started the farm and has now turned it into a family business with her aunt and cousin tending to the day to day. The farm is lined with greenhouses housing some of the most unique plants and flowers. They also sell seasonal fruits, veggies, corn, and Christmas trees during the holidays.

Despite our inability to keep any sort of plant alive, James and I decided to give it another shot and purchase a five succulent pot. Well, I am proud to say that one month later they are not only alive … but these babies are thriving! I’ve already had to re-pot two of the succulents as they were starting to crowd one another, and I will most likely re-pot two more very soon. We have redeemed our green thumbs! I find joy in caring for these little plants and seeing them grow and mature – tending to them after a long and crazy day at work. Here’s a list of them in the order they are pictured below … enjoy!

Panda Plant “Ling Ling”
Painted Echeveria
Echeveria “Sovereign Blue”
Blue Chalk Fingers “Serpents”


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