Babymoonin’ in Maine

Because of James’s crazy work schedule around Christmas, it’s hard for us to visit home or anywhere at all. The season is filled with lots of programming, creating and building new set designs, putting together worship sets – it’s one of his busier work seasons, but the days following Christmas are typically quieter and more restful.

Ever since moving up to New England, we always talked about visiting Portland and heard great things about the coastal city. I love the water and its scenic views, being on the coast, walking and touring through local towns and shops. So, after the Christmas and New Year’s dust settled, we took a short two-night babymoon trip to Portland, Maine. We hung out at the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, walked and ate our way through downtown Portland (we used TripAdvisor to help us navigate the good eats), sat along the Portland Harbor, and frolicked around with Sasha on the Eastern Promenade. We had beautiful weather while we were there, but it was bitter cold. I’m not sure it’s someplace we would go back to vacation – more likely a day trip to visit – but it was a nice getaway after the holiday madness.

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