Nora’s Newborn Shadow Box

Nora is almost six months old, and I don’t know where the time has gone. She is loving solids, starting to sit up on her own, beginning to say words, starting to crawl, sleeping like a champ and just loving life. I am really enjoying this stage even though she’s growing too, too fast.

I finally got around to putting together her newborn shadow box; it’s only five and a half months later but, hey! I got a baby! The box includes her hospital bassinet name tag, the hat she wore home, her hospital bracelet, her gender reveal ultrasound picture, and her umbilical stump. Yes, I know, gross. But in my defense, I wanted to throw the stump away, but James insisted we keep it. He kept saying, “That’s the last remaining thing that physically connected you two together.” #tears

I’m happy with the way the shadow box turned out, but I think if I had to do anything differently, I might have placed some decorative paper as the backdrop, but for now, this will do. Also, I purchased this shadow box at Marshall’s.

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