We’re Ready For You, Baby

Well, folks, we are only a few days away from my due date and we are very eagerly awaiting the arrival of our daughter. The last few weeks have been  pretty hectic with our move, going to doctor’s visits, managing work and getting ready for my leave, managing this crazy weather, nesting, cleaning, getting things ready for baby … what a whirlwind. If I’m completely honest, the idea of having a child has been nothing but surreal, and it hasn’t really hit me until very recently. But these days, I imagine more and more her embrace, seeing and meeting her for the first time, touching her little fingers and toes, kissing her cheeks. Even though it’s a scary and overwhelming season, I look forward to the early days of just being a mom and seeing and experiencing James become a dad. What a gift.

A few weeks ago, James and I had the pleasure and opportunity to hang out with one of our dear friends, Mandi Pool, of Mandi Pool Photography. Mandi and her husband and two kids are in New England for seminary at GCTS (woop woop!), are fellow southerners, and we love hanging out with them, talking and doing ministry together and eating Chick Fil A – yum. Mandi and I had been planning and plotting my maternity photo shoot for weeks; we were constantly throwing ideas back and forth to one another and then one day, I knew the look and feel I wanted. Our photo shoot was inspired by a blog post from Sinclair & Moore and a maternity shoot they had just done. It was simple, light and airy, neutral and beautiful. I loved the simplicity of the shoot and sent it to Mandi and we were on our way to creating our own shoot. We shot on campus at Gordon-Conwell where James went to seminary, so there was a bit of a sentimental feel to it that I appreciated. The day was perfect – the sun came out, snow covered the grounds outside, and we had so much fun documenting this special time in our lives. Thank you, Mandi, for sharing your gifts and talents to bless us in this season!

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