pan seared lemon pepper tilapia tacos

Growing up as a fisherman’s daughter, you’d think I’d eat more fish. As a child I’d remember my dad coming home from weekend-long fishing trips with a cooler full of stinky grouper, trout and other cold-faced, puckered fish. He’d carefully skin them, filet them, remove the bones, and we’d have one big family fish fry. I think I need a deep fryer.

What you’ll need:
Soft tortilla shells or naan (pictured)
Lemon pepper seasoning
Half of a lemon
1 tablespoon butter

Melt butter in skillet on medium high heat. Pat dry tilapia filet with paper towel and season with lemon pepper seasoning on both sides. Place filet in skillet. While the fish is cooking, I like to squeeze lemon juice around the fish for a bit of added flavor. Cook for a few minutes and flip over. Be sure to not overcook the fish as it will get dry. While hot, place filet in tortilla shell and sprinkle with arugula, chopped tomatoes and cheese.


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